You can check out all the books containing all of Agustin’s musings and mythbusting below.  Click the links to purchase the book from

Fuentes, A. (2012) Race, Monogamy and other lies they told you: busting myths about human nature University of California Press
  Fuentes, A. (2011) Biological Anthropology: concepts and connections 2e McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
  Fuentes, A. (2009) Evolution of Human Behavior Oxford University Press
  Fuentes, A. (2006) Core Concepts in Biological Anthropology McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
  Gumert, M. D., Fuentes, A. and Jones-Engel, L. (2011) Monkeys on the Edge: ecology and management of long-tailed macaques and their interface with humans. Cambridge University Press 
  MacClancy, J. and Fuentes, A. (2011) Centralizing Fieldwork: Critical Perspectives from Primatology, Biological and Social Anthropology Berghahn Press
  Campbell, C., Fuentes, A., MacKinnon, K.C., Bearder, S., and Stumpf., R. (2011) Primates in Perspective 2e Oxford University Press
  Panter-Brick, C. and Fuentes, A. (2008) Health, Risk, and Adversity Berghahn Press
  Campbell, C., Fuentes, A., MacKinnon, K.C., Panger, M., and Bearder, S. (2007) Primates in Perspective Oxford University Press
  Fuentes, A. and Wolfe, L.D. (2002) Primates Face to Face: The Conservation Implications of Human and Nonhuman Primate Interconnections  Cambridge University Press
  Dolhinow, P. and Fuentes, A. (1999) The Nonhuman Primates Mayfield Publishing Company
Fuentes, A. & Visala, A. 2016. Left Coast/Routledge

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